5 reasons why men want to try anal sex

Looking from the medical side, the anal canal by its nature is not for sex. But psychologically, everything that is not found or difficult to reach is more attractive to us. So why do men want to try anal sex?

  1. Anal sex produces different sensations than vaginal. Imagine that your guy has a second penis you’ve just heard about but never tried. And if you know that he can give you what you have not seen yet? Would you like to try it out?
  2. It’s something new. If we were to equate sex with food, then the vaginal variant would be like the main dish (as monotonous and fussy) and the anal – a nice dessert that you want to taste. In reality it may not be so impressive, but it looks so tempting … Start eating dessert every day and it will not be so pleasurable to you.
  3. Psychologists and sexologists believe that the banned fruit is always sweeter. That’s why most people are excited to think about other partners or sexist games with sadistic and masochistic elements. The fact that we rarely enjoy the reality of our lives encourages our interest. Still, that does not mean that we will take the occasion and give up the temptation. Many people are fantasizing about this, but they do not test it in reality.
  4. Because not everyone was there. Would you like to know that certain sexual games your other side have tried only with you? That you were the only one who did it to him? For men this place is like a VIP zone, which only the selected ones are allowed to enter. But everyone wants to be exclusive.
  5. Because it’s a new experience. If sex was just a way of physical satisfaction, we would all love the traditional position of the missionary and do not try to reinvent the wheel. But instead, we are experimenting constantly: we are looking for more interesting postures, we use sex toys … Orgasm maybe the same thing, but the process itself is quite different.

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