Boobs or butts? Which part of a woman’s body is sexier for men

Women are often too complex because of their appearance: the chest is too small, the back is too flat or, conversely, too large. We can reassure: during the first acquaintance, men are not really watching these props. A survey of 1000 men revealed that 700 of them first look at the woman’s eyes, and then assess her smile. Interestingly, in the same survey, the breasts occupy the third place, and the buttocks is only the eighth!

We have no doubt that the results would be completely different if the study involves hot Brazilians, Chileans. In these lands, the butts plays a much more important role than the boobs.

The Pornhub Website for adults has analyzed the statistics of its visitors and provided an intriguing map that can be seen below. As you can see the biggest part of Europe man are boobs lovers. Meanwhile, Africa (except Egypt) and South America even rust off the heat of the butts.

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